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环保 | 科莱恩携发展成果迎接世界环境日

Clariant Gears Up for World Environment Day with Achievements

营销 | 雅高“我的客房”展现个性化创意

MyRoom by AccorHotels Showcases Personalised Concepts

科技 | 英国科学家研发出3D打印眼角膜

British Scientists Create Human Corneas Using 3D Printer

商业 | 亚马逊全球开店中国发布新业务举措

Amazon Global Selling China released upgraded efforts



Clariant Gears Up for World Environment Day with Achievements


Clariant shows its full commitment on sustainability development, which echoes the theme of the annual World Environment Day on June 5, 2018, as the Greater China regional headquarters announces the company’s latest achievements in reaching its environmental targets by 2025.


Clariant Greater China has demonstrated its significant progress in the reduction of energy consumption, direct CO2, greenhouse gas emissions, waste creation, water use and waste water generation.


In order to drive tangible results that contribute to Clariant's 2025 environmental targets, internal sustainability programs have been implemented globally.


They include the eWATCH program, which was introduced inChinain 2017.


To facilitate the eWATCH program's implementation inChina, site energy managers were appointed, along with energy teams at individual sites.


Additionally, customized energy KPIs were established for Clariant’s primary product groups to facilitate ongoing monitoring across sites.


Clariant says, reduction targets for major environmental benchmarks inChinahave been met ahead of the 2025 target.


MyRoom by AccorHotels Showcases Personalised Concepts

雅高新近推出“我的客房”(MyRoom)新理念 。在指定酒店,宾客可以沉浸在每家酒店员工的想象世界,感受充满个性、爱好、品味与故事的独特空间。

AccorHotels is delighted to introduce MyRoom across select properties. The exciting initiative transports guests into the imagination of each destination’s hotel staff, immersing them into a world filled with highly individualised passions, tastes and stories.


Developed to address travellers’ desire for personalised experiences and stronger connections with their hosts, MyRoom allows guests to indulge in all the details of a handpicked guestroom based on insider knowledge.


Along with guests gaining a deeper understanding of the property’s culture, MyRoom motivates hotel employees with an opportunity to develop one of a kind spaces based on their specific story.


The participating employees pick a guestroom, and sometimes two or three guestrooms, to style with colours, materials and accessories that together form their narrative.


It could be an overwhelming passion for the local football team, or an interior that pays homage to the romance of the district’s architectural gems. By sharing similar interests between staff and guests, a stronger bond is forged that provide a deeper meaning to the stay.


British Scientists Create Human Corneas Using 3D Printer


According to foreign media reports, human corneas have successfully been 3D printed for the first time by scientists at Newcastle University inEngland.


By mixing stem cells from a healthy donor cornea with alginate, a gel derived from seaweed, and collagen, researchers managed to create a "bio-ink" solution that can be printed.


This bio-ink then would be successfully expelled out of the printer in concentric circles in the shape of a cornea in less than 10 minutes, according to a paper published in Experimental Eye Research.


The 3D printed corneas will now have to undergo further testing but it is hoped the technique could be in regular use within five years.


The lead researcher Che Connon said the research could help with the worldwide shortage of corneas for transplant.


Amazon Global Selling China released upgraded efforts


Amazon Global Selling China released upgraded efforts to better support China-based sellers to further explore and expand in Amazon Japan.


The efforts include providing Japanese Customer Service to China-based sellers by Amazon China customer service to offer better language support service and remove the language barrier; offering professional instructions for selection by collaborating closely with Amazon Japan; and providing focused supports to help China sellers further tap into Japan’s fashion category.


By leveraging Amazon’s global resources, customer trust and leading position in Japan, the announcement aims at attracting and helping more Chinese manufacturers, brand owners and traders to grow their presence by selling on Amazon Japan.


According to Amazon Global Selling China, friendly trading environment, the potential growth of e-commerce market in Japan, dedicated seller services and resources provided by Amazon Global Selling are the driving factors to the continuous growth of Chinese sellers to further grow their business in Japan.


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